Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Short time nomad

Taiwan for 8 days, Taiping for a week and KL for another week. Here I am now in Kuantan finally.

I'm back! :)

Had priceless time spent back in hometown doing nothing and lazing around everyday. Having my mum to take care of my meal and laundry all day was awesome! LOL... Then I had plenty of amazing time back in KL, shopped alone like how I used to and spent quiet moment having good cup of coffee and people watch.

Now I'm back in Kuantan and having hubby by my side all day.

I'm so happy with my life..

4 loves:

Anggie's Journal said...

yaya... i can see such a happy and memorable life you hv now :P

Hayley said...

Glad that you're happy with life *envious*

Take care now ya~

La Petite Cherie said...

Such a jetsetter you are :))

Ipohahboy said...

You made me cemburu larr..:p