Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pregnancy: 11 weeks and 5 days

Went for second checkup at Dr Goh today. Met the hubby's friend who also bought his 3mo son over for injection and omg he's so cute!! ;)

My weight increased just slightly even though I've been snacking non-stop. As of now, I'm 47kg. I usually weight around 45kg and last month was at 45.6kg.

Had ultrasound and my bunny changes so much as compared to last month! Ultrasound wasn't very clear so the gynae suggested trans-vaginal ultrasound, in which a probe is placed into the vagina. I was like o_O !!! I never had any pap smear done before so it was kinda awkward for me. True enough, the image as much clearer. I can see it's hands, fingers, limbs so clearly. According to gynae, most likely I'll be able to know the gender by next month. As of today, bunny measures approximately 5cm although my tummy can barely be seen!

I'm taking folic acid and DHA tablets on daily basis. I still take a few sips of coffee daily, eat like how I used to.. only much bigger portion. I can hardly fit into my jeans and shorts now. Although my tummy is not that visible yet, but obviously my waistline expanded. Been applying Palmer's stretch mark lotion religiously too.

Dr Goh commented I looked really happy to be a mother. But hey! Who doesn't? ;)
Mummy can't wait to see you again next month!!

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