Friday, April 15, 2011

Life as it is..

I've settled down in Kuantan for half a year. Time really flies. I still remember being all anxious with my new life and new environment. And just in a blink of eye, I made it through the first 6 months..

Now that I'm pregnant, the plan to get a job here failed, obviously. Many asked and commented it's not impossible to work during pregnancy, many people continue working till they're due. Yes, it's not impossible to work, but it's impossible to get a new job. I'm sure no company will be stupid enough to hire an employee to work for few months and go on maternity for another 2-3 months. And I myself don't feel good to keep my pregnancy as a secret if I'm to apply for a job during early pregnancy. I didn't want to spoil my resume.

So like it or not, I'll be a full time housewife for another year till my baby is born. Of course, I'd love to be back to the society and occupy my time doing something, rather than being at home on-lining, watching movie, shopping, and doing nothing.

Many ladies out there dream on being a full time housewife. Life is carefree. You don't have to drag your ass off the bed early in the morning, braving through the jam to get to work, spend hectic day at work and work like a horse till end of the day, all you get is stress, stress and more stress. I'm not a very ambitious person by nature. I admit, I can't commit all my time and all my life to work, it sucks. All I want is a stable 9-5 job, 5 days a week to kill time. A job that revolves with something I like is a plus point.

But still, I don't know how am I coping after the arrival of my bundle of joy. Send to daycare? Or perhaps by that time, I'll opt to be full time 100% good stay at home mummy. I don't know.

Now that I have another 6 months to spend before it's arrival, I'm thinking of doing something that I don't have the chance and time to do when I was working. I'm looking for yoga center around that has prenatal yoga classes. I'm thinking of doing some crafting but it's kinda hard to get the craft materials in Kuantan. I'm also thinking of starting online business once again, selling some imported stuff but still in the midst of researching. I've just bought a baking book last week and I shall stop procrastinating. I used love baking. And I shall start preparing healthy sandwiches for my teatime. 

Talking about sandwiches, there's a cafe in Kuantan that serves super-delicious sandwiches! Frankie Sandwiches Cafe that situated in Starcity is my all time favorite dining place ;) I love sandwiches, I could live my days with only sandwiches. My favorite is Frankie Club Sandwich, the ingredients went off so well together! The crispy turkey bacon, fresh lettuce, melted cheddar cheese, chicken slice, a hint of onion taste and the creamy aromatic mustard sauce enough to make me salivate just by imagining.
Frankie Club Sandwich with optional focaccia bread upgrade.

And the best part? They brew really good coffee!! That's a plus point!! :) Sandwiches and coffee are in a pair, you just can't separate them..
My favorite cafe mocha.

I love the even combination of coffee and cocoa in rich creamy milk, topped with think foam and sprinkled with lots of cocoa powder!!

Gosh, just by describing how delicious they are.. I'm hungry once again.. -_-"

Off to get some food yo!

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Anggie's Journal said...

Seem like u r adjusting well, I agreed with you, wait after baby is born , perhaps after ur baby is ready to send to daycare only u start ur full time job .... but hor, sometime can be 'ng sek tak' once u b with the baby for long time and back to work life and be difficult.

Like my sister, she is a web and fashion designer last time b4 she had baby, now she is a full time house wife la .... she plan to go back to design, once the kids is slightly big .... but never ending i see ... hihihih

But i can see taking k own kids and sending to day care had very big different interm of health, behavior, attitude, ..... my sister kids is more well behave and healthy compared to mine ...

There's pros and cons ....

hmmm .. i think i comments too long here edi ...:P

Have a nice weekends.

c r y s t said...

anggie: it's so true, i dare not plan much not cos i don't know how will i feel when i'm officially a mum. i might have different thinking, i don't know.. :( i would love to care for it full time but i'm afraid i can't cope being a stay-home mummy. i wanted to be back to the society, but i don't know if i can put my trust to daycare :( it's a tough decision!

Hayley said...

Yoga for pregnant lady is good! So have you find the suitable courses?

c r y s t said...

unfortunately, nope. most yoga centres in kuantan don't have prenatal classes.. :(