Monday, April 18, 2011

Pregnancy: Cravings and gender prediction

I don't get hungry that often ever since I enter the second trimester. I stopped snacking in the middle of the night, I can bear with rumbling stomach until I get proper food.

The other day I was sitting and thinking about the blogs I read about pregnancy, about their instant cravings and so. So I was analyzing and flashing back if I have certain cravings. I noticed I took a lot of spicy food lately. I love anything spicy. The spicier the better. It's a well-known fact that I opt for ketchup over chilli sauce, but lately, I converted.

And the very minute, I have the image of HOT TOMYUM BEEHOON in my head. The image danced around in my head and made my mouth water. Then my stomach started to rumble that it actually hurt! I NEED TOMYUM NOW! And within the 20 minutes, I was happily sitting in a malay stall nearby having a nice hot bowl of hot-spicy-sourish tomyum beehoon.

I was a happy girl.

Curiously, I went Google-ing for the causes of cravings during pregnancy and guess what:

"More pregnant women than ever are craving strange foods according to research released today, and their choices can even indicate the sex of their unborn child. The research also revealed that women pregnant with boys tended to crave spicy food the most whereas women carrying girls opted for chocolate." - source

But.. I crave for chocolates too, although not that bad as my cravings for spicy food.. Does that really mean I'm carrying babyboy?

And earlier today I came across another website that had Chinese Gender Chart Prediction tool, claimed to be 90% accurate. So I tried and guess what?

It's a girl this time!

Monthly checkup in another 2 more days, give mummy a surprise ok? ;)
babybump at 15 weeks

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Hayley said...

Wow, looking at the chart and considering you're 15 weeks preggie now, I did something busybody (I mean calculating :P), you're really fast and accurate! One shot 'kao tim' already! :P
Hmm, girls or boys also nvm, as long as healthy ma! Anyway, you prefer girl girl or boy boy as 1st child?

Esther said...

suddenly feel so weird that u hv a tummy now.... can't believe all my friends around me r pregnant and hving bb shock and at the same time excited :) can't wait to know ur darling pie's gender....:) :) :)

c r y s t said...

hayley: haha what calculation u did!! of course, personally i prefer girl, cos can dress her up like a barbie doll.. but, first baby, girl or boy doesn't matter much ;) as long as healthy ma!

esther: i feel weird that im having a tummy too! i was wearing loose clothing most of the time.. so when i had this top on, i was quite shocked myself! :P it's true.. i guess we've reached the age. i see lots of bb photo whenever i log into fb nowadays!

Anonymous said...

u look sexy with ur lil tummy haha..;-D
btw i cravings spicy food when conceived aamax ;-p

revel in me said...

Hi dear,haven't had the chance to congratulate you yet! CONGRATULATIONS and a BIG FAT HUG!<333 How fast time has passed, remember those selltrade days, haha... Anyway, take care and be a happy mummy in Kuantan! Looking forward to reading all your pregnancy updates! <3

c r y s t said...

kelly: it's proven boys like spicy food!!! -_-"

revel in me: thank u <3! i hope i won't bore my readers with my wedding and now pregnancy updatessss!! haha yeah, time flies.. i logged into selltrade few weeks back and its no longer the same.. :(

Anggie's Journal said...

For mummy like me with 2 "bird bird" wan, of cos i said to hv a girl is nice , just like u said, can share the dressing, fashion, make up, i m sure u will dress up ur girl just how well u dress up ur self .
But again .. 1st child mah, doesn't matters la .
Take k ....

Anggie's Journal said...

Having Boys around was fun too... they make you feel that you r not alone ..... Hope fully my 2 boys will be my bodyguard next time .. hahhaha

c r y s t said...

haha!! bodyguard!! that's a good suggestion! :P a relative of mine has a 10yo son who helps out a lot with household chores including taking care of 2 younger sisters! oh well, maybe i shouldn't scare my little baby with all these first.. :P