Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pregnancy: Trust your maternal instinct!

Had been talking and persuading the little thing in me the whole night before my scheduled monthly checkup.

"Be good, open up your legs, don't be shy... let mummy know whether you're a girl or a boy and I'll ready lots of nice clothes for you.." ;)

My baby's features are so well defined this time during the ultrasound. I can see the tiny little fingers, the backbone, the brain, the eye socket, the limbs and all so clearly! And when the monitor showed the private part, Dr Goh said casually, "You look for yourself..."

It's so obvious I am having a little man in me!!! OMG!! o_O

Ok now I'll have to start learning how to deal with a baby boy. Oh, that shouldn't be difficult as I already have 6 nephewssssss at home. My only niece will still hold her crown for the coming years.

As of today, I weight 48.2kg. It's been quite a long time since I last hit this number! My babybump already showing and yet the nurse didn't aware I'm pregnant when I went for registration. I've been pigging out lately. And this morning I had the best nasi lemak with lots of sambal ikan bilis ;)

Gosh... I'm really having a little man in me!!! It shouldn't be a surprise, I was quite ready for it. But still.. I'm surprised!! ;)
baby at 15 weeks day 5

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Hayley said...

Hmmm, I heard people say, if it's a boy, the pregnant mummy looks 'pretty' one.. But if it's a girl, then the mummy looks the opposite.. Do you notice this? :P

Anggie's Journal said...

Welcome to the group !!! :P

Harley : Many say that too ... i dun hv a girl, so i cant tell the different, but for the 2 pregnancy, i m facing abt the same . means i look almost the same la ... just second pregnancy i gain extra KG !!!O.o

Anggie's Journal said...

btw, the ultrasound is very CLEAR and CUTE .and i can see the bird bird ... hihihi.. oh dear .. i miss those tiny lil things in me again ......hihihihi

Anonymous said...

hey babe I was a silent reader few years back till you close for friend's view only. but now that i have stumbled upon your blog once again and read thru most of your's so amazing! I used to know that u are that gal working in Acer and now look at you! u are married and pregnant already! i feel so happy for u gal! =D

Ipohahboy said...

Bienvenu to the club")