Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pregnancy: 19 weeks 4 days

I've finally hit the midpoint of my pregnancy! 20 weeks or less to go before i can carry my little bunny in my arms ;) OMG I'm so excited already. Seriously, time passes much faster after the 4th month and obviously there's no way to hide my tummy anymore. Yet people are commenting my tummy isn't obvious at all.

I weight 51.3kg today and my little bunny weight at 346gm. Went for checkup this morning and bunny wasn't very active, Dr. Goh said probably he was sleeping. Had 4D ultrasound this round but too bad bunny had his face facing down and covered with his hands :( Bad bad bunny!

But Dr. Goh commented he has a big body, most likely taking after his daddy's! I guess bunny should be looking more like his daddy ;) That point of time, I suddenly got worried that all newborn clothes I bought might not fit him well! And I think I've bought too much too, I must control myself weiiiii.... And I have quite a big pack of hand-me-downs from my sisters.

It's been almost few months since I last shopped for myself. I'm quite a proud mummy. Been spending money quite a lot for my little bunny. Clothing, nutritious foods, expensive fruits, supplements, books, etc.. Some of my old clothing still fits. Bought Belly Belt and I think it's the best investment ever! I can still squeeze myself into old shorts and jeans with the help of it.

But still I think I gained quite a lot of weight at my tights as well.. *sigh*

at 19th week of pregnancy

first 4D ultrasound at 19w4d

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