Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pregnancy: 27 weeks 4 days

Time flies!!! It feels like I haven't blogged in ages again!!

Celebrated my birthday in KL early July with my 2nd sister who coincidentally shares the same birthday! My mum is definitely good in estimating! ;)

Then spent 2 days in KL doing shopping for bunny. Baby's stuff are seriously damn expensive!! And extremely cute too! The hubby and I spent hours checking out prams, cots, car seats and other necessities.. And I spent good amount of time admiring those cute little rompers, bibs and other cute-but-definitely-not-needed stuffs.

I'm almost done with my baby shopping. Got almost everything except for baby cot, bath tub and uhm... diapers. I'm so spoilt with choices!!! Oh by the way, we decided to get 3 wheeler cos it's definitely more eye-catching!
Bought Quinny Zapp in bright red! The hubby and I prefer black but considering the risk of mosquitoes attack, we ended up in red. It comes together with car seat, Maxi Cosi but unfortunately they were out of stock for the red ones so we ended up with grey instead.

By the way, if you ever notice.. that's me spotting new haircut ;) Short hair for mummy duties!

I'm now entering third trimester and my babybump is growing fast! Linea nigra is also getting very obvious now so I guess it's about time to arrange for photoshoot session somewhere in August!
Had monthly check up this morning and I'm now weighing 56.6kg! Which means in total I've gained 11.6kg!! Recommended weight gain should be 15kg or less and I have 3 more months to go. Guess I should seriously control my food intake. I asked the gynae if I'm overweight and he just smiled and replied, "If I say yes, you'll surely go on diet.. hmmm.. No lah, continue eating like how you used to be.."

-_____-" Which I take his reply as "YES, YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT!!"
3 more months to go but it feels like my skin is fully stretched to its limit now. I'm in my itchy period now sometimes I'll scratch myself the entire day like a monkey. My leg ache when I walk for too long, my back hurt when I stand and I'm so breathless when I sleep. I usually awake by 230am and have difficulty getting back to sleep the next hour or so. I wonder if my body preparing for feeding time when bunny arrives... 

Saw bunny opening his mouth during the 3D ultrasound today. He weights 1.1kg now and already head down.
Here he's seen biting his lower lips ;) Unfortunately the color printer ran out of ink thus we got this black and white printed picture. Check out the video below instead!

With everything ready for his arrival, things are getting more real now and I'm feeling more and more like a mum!

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