Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life in pictures!

Not in the mood to blog yet. Let the pictures do the talking..

Bunny having Babyplus lesson daily at 8am and 5pm :) He's at Lesson 6 so far.. 10 more lessons to go!

Spotted this cute bedding set for bunny and still indecisive whether to get it or not cos it's tad pricey, around RM200+.. *sigh* Why are babies stuffs so expensive one??

Bought iPad2 from Apple Store online and they have this service to laser words on it. So here goes: "Ivan and Cryst.. Happily ever after" LOL!!

Was deciding if I should give away/ sell these accessories I'd collected for years since I rarely wear them nowadays..

Was back in Taiping for over a week the my niece!

Followed mum to the morning market and realized I still love this place a lot!

Morning scenery in Taiping Lake Gardens, I bet you can't find any other place like this!

Nephew and niece having fun in the lake gardens..

Bestie Sheauwen paid a visit when I was in Taiping. The last time I saw her was during my wedding monthssss ago..

Had sunset seafood dinner with the parents, in-laws and the hubby in Kuala Sepetang. It's a small village near to Taiping. The sunset was beautiful.. heard the locals spotted dolphins over there but luck wasn't on my side..

Cleared up my wardrobe to make space for little bunny's. That little guy occupied almost quarter of my wardrobe space already! Need to get new wardrobe for him!

Babybump at 24.5 weeks. Many commented it looks small but I've gained 10kgs so far! *swt* I've outgrown many clothes.. I no longer could fit into the top I just wore last week :( Just gotta keep reminding myself, "I'm not fat.. I'm just growing a baby..."

Till then!

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hui chuin said...

A very good summary of your recent life..LOL!

Hayley said...

Nevermind the bump, it doesnt matter if it's big or small, most importantly it's that your bunny and yourself are healthy! ^^

Cynderelli said...

gosh, dun give away those accessories! keep it! u'll be wearin them again after birth... :)