Friday, July 29, 2011

Pregnancy: 29 weeks 6 days

Guess what! If everything goes according to plan, I have 71 days.. or 10 weeks and 1 day left for my pregnancy! That's gonna be like.. 2 months plus minus.. o_O

And I'll be carrying my little baby boy in my arms and smelling him day and night and biting his backside and sucking his little toes and kissing his chubby cheeks and make him the best teddy to cuddle!! (Ok, now I hope he's not gonna read this sentence when he grows up..)

pic taken yesterday

I'm loving my baby bump to bits now. Bunny gets really active at night, usually after my dinner. I can feel him moving and stretching his legs at my upper tummy and once a while I might get really hard kick from him! It's really obvious to see his movement from outside of my tummy. When I'm lucky, I might catch a glimpse of him moving his legs and stop at a  spot and there will be a little bulge there. Then I'll give a tiny poke and he'll kick back! LOL!!

The feeling is awesome! Definitely something I'll miss after that! ;)

But bunny's really stubborn.. just like his daddy. Each time his daddy's near, he'll just stop moving. Very rarely the daddy can feel/ see his movement.. *sigh*

Maxi Cosi that we ordered and paid during the previous KL trip has arrived weeks back and last week we went over KL for a short trip to pick it up.

Both the hubby and I love it so much and we're sure bunny gonna like it too! It's really trendy and best of all, it can double up as a car seat!

Now, I need to look for a nice diaper bag... that doesn't look so much like a diaper bag.. -_-"

I'm in love with Ikea baby tub and slip mat but unfortunately it was out of stock when we went.
Cute right???? ;) Hopefully they're gonna stock it up soon. The best part is, the tub only cost RM29. It's much cheaper and nicer than those we saw from Mothercare and other baby shops. Not sure about the slip mat though, but I'm sure it's not gonna be expensive.

A childhood friend of mine, Pek Yin just gave birth to a cute little baby girl last Monday! I have no idea why but I shed my tears the moment I saw her pic with her little angel. It's like we went through pregnancy together and discuss about every details together and now she's having her baby girl in her arms already! How time flies!!!

And very soon it's gonna be my turn...

I will wanna be a SUPERMOM. :)

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c r y s t said...

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