Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pregnancy: 30 weeks 4 days

Went for check up today, a week earlier than scheduled as I have plans to be back Taiping tomorrow for a short break. Dr Goh commented bunny is progressing well with good amount of amniotic fluid, so I'm allowed to travel! ;)

I've increased another 2kg since last month!! Now I weight 58.3kg and bunny weights 1.57kg. I guess by the time bunny's due, I should be about 62kg?? It's like... OMG!!!! But I'm relieved that bunny is progressing well and that's what matters most! ;)

During 4D ultrasound today, bunny is seen opening and closing his mouth.. just like nibbling on the wall of my tummy -_____-"

Bunny bites me!!

And then bunny licks me!!!

And finally bunny kisses me... ;) Awww....~

Can you tell I'm the happiest person alive? ;)

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