Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Bunny...

Mummy can't believe you're due in another 20 days. Will you be sociably early, fashionably late or right on time?

As my pregnancy and our 'alone' time is almost coming to an end, I feel an urge to write down my feelings, hoping that one day you'll have the chance to read, to know how special you are to mummy and daddy.. I'm afraid I've forgotten certain parts of ups and downs in these 9-10 months, but it has been an amazing journey to me. At times I wish I could hold you in my arms earlier, but I know I'll definitely miss the feeling of having you inside me.

When I first knew your existence in February this year, frankly, I wasn't prepared at all. I had all sorts of feelings. I was shocked. I was happy. I was indecisive. I don't know what to feel exactly. I don't know if I'll be capable enough to raise and take care of another human. A little human who'll depend fully on me.

I am glad that pregnancy been quite kind to me. You're behaving really well, truly mummy's boy! I bought lots of reference books and magazines to prepare myself for what's coming ahead. I tried to eat healthily. Although I tried to cut down on my caffeine intake, but sorry boy.. it's been real difficult to me. So I guess you'll probably grow up to like coffee too, and we shall hang out together in Starbucks next time ;)

You had been trying out varieties of foods - Chinese, Western, Japanese, and all sort of fruits. Mummy did not cut out completely on certain 'cooling' food but been taking in moderation. Thank you for not giving me any problems with anything I ate. You are such a good boy by not giving me a single minute of morning sickness either. I hope you do appreciate all sorts of foods when you grow up.

I remember drawing breath and clutching my tummy when I first listened to your heartbeat when you were about 2 months old. Having another living being inside me feels priceless! We were always anticipating for the next appointment with the gynae knowing that we'll be able to see you through the ultrasound scan.

As you grow bigger, I love to feel you tumble in my belly. Sometimes you made me laughed so hard seeing my tummy misshapen with contortion. For these 9 months, I was never alone. You kicked, rolled and hiccuped so much. As a matter of fact, you are so active right now that it hurts.

Many people commented you're going to be early. Mummy has got everything ready for your arrival. From tiny little rompers to booties, colourful toys, strollers and so much more, I hope you'll love them as much as I do. I have been nesting a lot lately. Been tidying up the room for your arrival and been checking on the hospital bags again and again, fearing to have missed out anything. I'm so excited knowing you'll be here anytime soon.

Darling baby, do you like to be named Cayden? Shortlisted a few names but Xander and Cayden are our favourite. As time passes by, I do feel Cayden sounds nicer and daddy preferred Cayden too. What say you? Also, daddy has been thinking hard on your chinese name. It's a big decision cos a name will follow you forever.

Daddy and mummy are so excited knowing that you are on your way. We will wait so anxiously to see your loving face - who will you look like? Daddy? Or mummy? But it doesn't matter much cos you're special to us and we will love you no matter what. Do take your own sweet time and we'll let you decide when you're ready to enter this big big world.. ;)

I love you so much..