Friday, September 23, 2011

Pregnancy: What I packed for the hospital

For the baby
Newborn diapers
Blankets (2 pcs)
Baby clothings (6 sets)
Napkins (1 dozen)
Towels (3 pcs)
Hats (2 pcs)
Mittens and booties (4 pairs each)
Handkerchiefs (4 pcs)
Receiving blanket (1 pc)
Tummy binder (2 pcs)
Feeding bottle (1 pc)
Toy bunny

For myself
Sarong (4 pcs)
T-shirts (4 pcs)
Night gown (1 pc)
Sweater (1 pc)
Nursing bra (2 pcs)
Towel (1 pc)
Face towels (2 pcs)
Maternity loop (2 packs)
Socks (2 pairs)
Disposable panties (1 pack)
Heating pad
Dry shampoo
Breast pad, breast wipes and salve
Camera and camera charger
Swimming float

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Sukieyakie said...

coming week is due date ah mummy ...

c r y s t said...

on the 8th! :)

Hayley said...

8th is my birthday! hehehe..

Going for nature birth or cesarean?

Waileng said...

Wow~! That's a lot of things. I didn't pack that many stuffs for my delivery. I only took one set of clothes, toiletries for me and a set of clothes for my baby when we both leave the hospital. Everything else was provided by the hospital.

Anyway, I didn't stay long at the hospital... delivered at midnight Sunday and discharged at noon the same day.

Anggie's Journal said...

ya wor , alot of things lei ...
i think will be early la especially for baby boy ... take k and i cant wait to meet ur bunny in the blogspot soon :)

I took my mp3 in when i was in labour room, to help me , distract my pain, either i listen to meditation songs/prayer or light music . It help !! at least not so scared and worry , not thinking abt the pain. Maybe you can try . My hub do accompany in the labour room . But he cant really help me much ... hahhaha .... only can hold my hand only ...hihihi.

Anonymous said...

is sooooooo near mummy Cryst!!!!!!! wanna cry, bunny is coming anytime! wow wow wow! Gambateh, all the best, can't wait to see bunny, wondering he will be hairy or botak hahaa..blek (kelly)

c r y s t said...

hayley: yes i know!! haha but that's IF he opt to be on time though :P natural if everything goes according to plan!

waileng: a lot arr? i actually packed according to the list provided by hospital leh... and added a few personal items la..

anggie: i asked my hubby if he wanna help me take video or shall i hire videographer..wuahahaha!!! :P i dun have mp3 leh.. :(

kelly: yes bunny is coming!! and YOU don't laugh at my bunny! grrrr~!!!! >:( he'll bite u..

IYSON said...

wow, that was way too much thing you packed lah.. i think no need bring the 1dozen napkin, the hospital provide pampers , right??
i still remember last time when i gave birth , i only packed a pair of jumpers, mitten and booties for baby..oh , and a wrapping blanket too.. and for myself, i bring a pair of jeans, and a jacket to wear when i discharged. The nurses there also cant believed i can fit in my jeans just after i delivered..hahaha

Waileng said...

Probably different hospitals different policy and stuffs...

Shin said...

whats the swimming float for???

c r y s t said...

iyson: i actually followed the packing list provided by the hospital, i myself quite surprise with 1 dozen of napkin and a bag of diapers! LOL whoa, u really unbelievable.. i dunno when only i'll be able to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes.. T_T

waileng: most likely ;)

shin: to ease the discomfort of sitting after natural birth!