Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bump to POP!!

As mentioned earlier, the hubby and I went for last minute photoshoot in KL. The studio couriered over the album and softcopies over to Kuantan last few days. Frankly speaking, it's not really up to my expectation but looking at the brighter side, at least I have memories of my pregnancy days.

Our favourite shot. We chose this to be developed into 8R and framed it up.

I guess this will look better if that piece of cloth is pulled back tighter..

I went to have my hair blown in A Cut Above in Sunway Pyramid before we went over for photoshoot as the package does not include hairdo and makeup. I don't know why, but the stylist made me looked like a 30yo. I was utterly shocked but couldn't do anything as we were running late and it was raining so heavily. Ah well, probably he just wanna style my hair to suit my bump!

So off we braved through the rain and went back to my brother's place in USJ where I did my own makeup and re-blown my aunty looking hair :( By the time we left home, it was still raining and we gotta go all the way to Cheras. We were late by almost an hour and both of us were exhausted running about and being stucked in the horrible jam.

Our moods were completely ruined when the photographer told us that he had another appointment in the next hour. When we had our photos taken, frankly speaking, I wasn't in the mood at all. The hair parting the stylist did for me was too over to the side that it keeps dropping and covering my face. And I was sweaty and dull.

When we're allowed to view the photos after the session, I was shocked and disgusted looking at my own photos. It's totally different when I viewed my pre-wedding photos where I was so much slimmer.

But overall, I'm glad to have this photoshoot and I told myself to have a better one next pregnancy... LOL!

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IYSON said...

all the pic looks good for me woh, eventhough u went thru so many hassles and troubles.. and gosh, how can u keep ur face so slim der , even when u preggy??

Waileng said...

Wow~! Your pictures still look beautiful. By the way, I was at Logos Hope the floating book fair in Penang just yesterday and bought many books for my daughter. They'll be in Port Klang end of this week. Read my blog post about it if you're interested.

BeverLy's Secret said...

Awwww... How lovely~~

c r y s t said...

iyson: errr.... i actually looked more fleshy, good angle makes the difference i guess ;)

waileng: looked interesting! definitely worth visiting but too bad im based in kuantan leh.... :(

beverly: thanks babe :)

Anonymous said...

Hun... your hair looks nice laa.. it dont look auntie-ish at all.. ;)

The photos.. totally hott... now i wished i had taken baby bump photos professionally. Oh well.. maybe for baby no2 i will. ;)

Waileng said...

That's a bummer...