Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A surprise visit

During the long Raya and Merdeka holiday, I received a call from my brother asking if it's possible to get a room in Ktan on that day itself. I was kinda surprise and frankly, a lil disbelief ;)

Luckily the hubby managed to get a room for them in Hyatt during this peak season and within the next 3 hours, my bro arrived in Ktan with the rest of his family! LOL I love last minute surprises ;)

They were here for 3 days 2 nights and most of the time spent by the beachside since there's basically nothing much to do here.. Most of the eateries were closed as well and the town was kinda dead. I braved myself to fit in my bikini and bare my 8 month big tummy. Definitely an eye catcher though and my sis-in-law jokingly warned me to beware of my tummy when I'm in the pool. Those kids might thought it's a ball and start kicking away wtf.

The weather was fantastic, God had been very kind to me ;)

Bought kites from nearby stall and in the end all the 3 kites got stuck high up on trees...

With the hubby. I had my tube top on to minimize the shocking effect to public, although occasionally I still had eyes on me.. WHAT?? Never see pregnant lady before arr??? ;(

Bro and the hubby..

Be warned of the pic below...

Rare pic to show how much weight I've gained... fml

Chilling under sheds and watching over the boys flying kites...

I love love family day like this...

And just in case u missed me.. ;)

Never see pregnant lady camwhore before arrrrr????

My only niece with his favourite uncle ;)

My niece and my son ;)

My nephew Jayearn enjoying his pizza and Tiger... haha!

At night, we spent some time playing with candles and lantern by the beach. It was kinda crowded though since it was public holiday and we even had our pictures taken by a stranger.. who looked and dressed like a reporter!

This post ends abruptly here cos I'm in need to catch my afternoon nap.

G'nite.... zzz.z.z.z..z.......

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IYSON said...

phewitt... still looks good in ur bikini ler...people looking at u coz they envy u, eventhough preggy , but still HOT!!!