Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pregnancy: 35 weeks... 5 weeks to go!

I can't believe I've made it this far. Another 35 days to go before the arrival of the little one.. and our lives will never be the same again.

I'm having checkup every two weeks from now on. Last week's checkup bunny increased another 1kg. That's a big achievement! He weights 2.42kg and I'm officially 60.2kg now. Piled up 15kg in total and I don't know how many extra kg that I'll be piling more before my pregnancy comes to an end.

Went for maternity photoshoot last 2 weeks. It was arranged kinda last minute though due to some unforeseen circumstances. Not much shot was taken, in total we've selected only 20 poses which will be made into an album. Hopefully will be able to get it before bunny arrives. I'm planning to conduct my own photoshoot session in my own room with the help of tripod and self-timer soon.

Unfortunately I had the worst water retention ever during the day of my photoshoot. I ballooned so much within a night and could hardly fit in my wedding ring. It's taking a toll on me, I have feet of an elephant now. Looking at my own photos gave me a shock and I'm ashamed to say, I don't like how I look now. Also over the past few days, I've been struggling with sore feet and hand. It usually gets worst in the morning, I could hardly clench my fist and step on the floor. It's as if I've ran a marathon the night before. Made some research online and apparently it happens to certain pregnant ladies. The soreness is mainly due to water retention and should go away after delivery, fingers crossed.

Bunny is growing bigger and he starts to put more pressure on my bladder, my toilet visits getting more frequent, to a point it gets kinda annoying. Also, I get breathless more easily and it's really hard to take a deep breath. Suffers the most during night time on bed where I get so uncomfortable having a watermelon sized tummy.

Had blood test last week as well and apparently my iron level is low but the nurse commented it's not a serious condition and advised me to continue taking my multivitamin that the gynae prescribed. Ah, no wonder I have restless legs syndrome.

I had my hospital bags packed and I'm done with my shopping.

My favourite purchase for bunny. I'm sure he's gonna like it although it's kinda obvious that the mummy likes it more, haha!

Rocking my mum's red maternity dress from gazillion years ago! It's a keepsake I'm telling ya! ;)

With my sisters last two weeks during my visit to KL. I looked so big and round!

Also, bunny is so lucky having presents sent to him even before he greets the world!
From Aunty Amy all the way from Sitiawan.

From Aunty Christine all the way from Singapore.

He is one lucky bunny! ;)

p/s: As I'm composing this post, bunny is moving violently inside me!

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Waileng said...

The water retention goes away immediately after birth. I guarantee you on that. It's the excess weight a.k.a. baby fats that sticks on our bodies and have hard time getting off. My daughter is already 6mths and I'm still struggling to loose weight. At least you only had problems with water retention towards the end of your pregnancy. I had to deal with it right from the beginning (at about 20 weeks)

Wyson said...

u still l√łoks great eventhough already 35 weeks... Erm, i didnt have water retention for both my pregnancy, so cant comment on it. But i did diy my pregnancy shoot using hp timer..the result turn out great ..and best part was no need to fork out a single penny..hehe

IYSON said...

here's the link for my DIY pregnancy photos..can have a peep..hehe

kiM said...

wow another 5 week only!!!
dun worry soreness will go away after delivery! *what i heard from my ex colleague..*
take good care pretty mummy~

c r y s t said...

waileng: water retention sucks innit? :( my sore hands getting worse these days i could hardly lift anything up in the morning.. hopefully those extra kgs in me are just water retention and not stubborn fats!!

wyson/ iyson: great pics! u looked so slim throughout yr pregnancy, how lucky! i did a set of DIY pics the other day too! will share it next time ;)

kim: fingers crossed!!! feels like the body doesn't belongs to me now :( awaiting for u to join the mummy club soon! hehe