Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Cayden is now 25 days!

Time really flies... I remember spending days with my gigantic belly and all the blind visits to the gynae anticipating for bunny's arrival. In a blink of time, 25 days has passed and we'll be having a simple fullmoon party at home this coming Sunday.

And I'm so over with my confinement period! Ah well, many suggested to have confinement for 40 days.. so 40 days it shall be!

I'm loving all the time spent with baby Cayden now. I still need help with handling this tiny human but I have confident of being a good mummy ;) I've been co-sleeping with Cayden for a week now and we're doing good. Been practicing bathing for him, err..well... I would say practice makes perfect! Haha! And I'm enjoying every moment breastfeeding him.. I love every special bonding time I have with him.

I'm entering another phase of life now and there are so much to learn, so much to love! ;)

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♥Jean♥ said...

Hi Cryst! I'm Jean. I don't know how I end up to your blog here. After reading your birth story, it kinda got me into further more of your blog post and I must say, your blog is very fasinating. Lol! Anyways, just wanna dropby to say Hi! to you and hope you have a nice day! =)

Hayley said...

Time flies ya!
Yea, many said it's best to have confinement for 40 days.. ;)

You take care and I think I'll bug you more from now on :P