Saturday, October 22, 2011

The birth story

After the false labor on Wednesday (5.10.11), I was told to go back home and wait for contraction. But on Saturday (8.10.11) morning, exactly on my due date, the brownish discharge turned bright red and off I went to visit Dr Goh again. But again, I was told no sign of him coming yet...

I was tad dissapointed that I'm still pregnant and concluded I'll be pregnant for the rest of my life.

Surprisingly, my second sister and her family made a surprise visit to Kuantan that afternoon itself. Spent the day with them in Hyatt together with my mum. It was drizzling the whole day so we just hangout in the room.

At around 3 something in the afternoon, I felt slight discomfort in my abdomen. It's like mild period cramp that comes and goes away. Was it labor contraction?? My mum and sis were so sure that baby's coming in a day or two. But I'm still unsure after so many blind visits to the gynae.

At 5 something in the afternoon, I started to track my contraction using the Babybump application in my iPhone. They come every 20 minutes, and then every 10 minutes... I casually mentioned it to the hubby and my family and everyone was on standby mode. The contraction didn't hurt at all. Just like the cramp I usually had one to two days before my period.

The entire night, the contraction came every 8-9 minutes. I started to gather all my things and ready to go. I tried watching DVD but couldn't concentrate at all. I'm quite sure bunny is coming anytime. I remembered that I should be checking in the hospital only when I had regular contraction every 3-5 minutes. So I tried to sleep, but failed.

At around 2am, the contraction started to hurt and came every 3-4 minutes. I went to the kitchen and had some bread and milo and told the hubby that we should be getting to the hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, again I was being offered wheelchair but this time, I knew I needed it. I was wheeled to a quad-sharing room and the nurse hooked me to the ECG machine to monitor the baby's heartbeat and contraction.

Dr Goh arrived shortly and did internal examination to determine how far my cervix had dilated.


"This time it's real!" he said jokingly.

Then I was being transferred to single room, which I had the chance to take one last shot of my preggie look, haha!

I was asked to try sleeping through the night. But the contraction started to hurt and I couldn't sleep at all. I was being offered an injection to make me drowsy.

After a few hours, I woke up to a strong contraction. It lasted for a while and then "POP!!".. I felt water gushing down. Has my water broken?? The hubby called in the nurse and she confirmed that my water has broken. I couldn't sleep after that as the contraction was getting more and more painful. I asked for another injection but was told that I shouldn't be getting the injection that frequent.

So I tried to sleep in pain..

The moment after my water has broken, everything felt like a dream. Bad dream. I didn't keep track on the time but I knew nurses kept coming in to check on my contraction, my blood pressure and temperature. Then Dr Goh came in a few times to see how far my cervix had dilated. 3cm. Then a few hours after that 6cm.

I was being transferred to the labor room. The contraction hurts so much. I usually had real bad period cramp but this was worse.

Then my mum came with my MIL and I knew it was already morning. According to the hubby, I was being transferred to the labor room at about 11am. I wasn't really aware of my surrounding as I was focusing on my contraction. Breathe in with your nose, breathe out with your mouth..the nurse kept telling me. I held my hubby's hand tightly and he was by my side all time.

Dr Goh then did internal examination again and I was told I'm fully dilated. I had my eyes closed all time. Occasionally when I opened my eyes, I could see Dr Goh and 2-3 nurses busy walking around. I was hooked on to the oxygen tank and glucose drip. I concentrate with my breathing. The contraction hurt so much that I felt like doing a BIG poo-poo. I told my hubby I'm in need to pass motion, in which he casually mentioned it to the gynae. Dr Goh told me to go ahead and pass my poo-poo.. Half consciously, I just listen to him and PUSH.

The friendly nurse next to me kept stroking my tummy and chatted with me. I smiled at her when my contraction went away and I could hear her saying "Amboi... boleh senyum lagi..." Each contraction was getting more and more painful and I pushed with all my might. Then, I heard Dr Goh saying if the baby's not out with the next two more contraction, I'll be transferred into the operation room for emergency caesarean.

I wasn't really aware with what happened after that but I knew I kept pushing when I had contraction. Then I heard Dr Goh saying he's gonna help the baby out. He showed me the vacuum extractor and told me not to worry as the extractor is really soft. I kept pushing with each contraction. The hubby held my hand tight and I could hear him saying prayers next to my ear.

I made another push and I could feel something warm coming out and I felt a great sense of relieved after that. Within seconds, I heard loud cry and the nurse put the baby on my chest. He was covered with blood and vernix. He cried so loudly and I softly touched his cheek.

God, is this my son? It seems like magic to me.

They removed him shortly to be cleaned up and Dr Goh continued with the stitches that hurt goddamn much. I was in labor for 2 hours. I had episiotomy. I can't believe I gave birth to a little boy. I still can't believe I did it. It was a painful experience but worth it all when I carry bunny in my arms.

He is beautiful.

Baby Cayden Tan was born on 9th Oct 2011 weighing 3.26kg ;)

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Hayley said...

Bravo Cryst! ;)
My friend really did her 'big business' on the spot during the push.... =_=

huichuin said...

Good job, darling!! Proud of you!

LovingLivia said...

good job cryst!! you didnt' had epidural har?? the jab is pectin I supposed.. anyway, reading it reminds me of my own labor story but almost the same same.. especially the poo poo part. heheeh.. i too almost give up .. second one was tough for me. Maybe lack of exercise.

Have fun with your bunny!!I'm enjoying my hazel so much now.. it's all worth it!!