Thursday, November 17, 2011

A full time job...


Ever since my mum and the confinement lady went back, I was taking care of baby Cayden all the time.

Speaking of confinement, I'm actually missing my confinement period already. I know it's a rare statement, nobody likes confinement, especially the not-washing-hair part. I hated it too, but I really miss the memories I had.

In fact, I shifted out from my in law's place and we rented a unit in service apartment for a month due to space constraint as my mum was down in Kuantan to help and we hired a confinement lady. I'm missing all the time spent in the apartment already, having all my meals and laundry taken care of. Being a new mum and being a little girl under my mum's care again.. it definitely feels awesome.

And I miss my baby Cayden when he was so little. Sometimes I secretly wish I could keep him little forever...

I used to 'sell' my extra time to my friends who claimed they worked too hard and need more time a day. Now, please give me back. I need 48 hours a day.

I still can't believe I'm a mum now. And there's another person sharing our lives and sharing our room and everything! Been busy taking care of him from day to night and night to day.. never ending.

Sleep, feed, poo, bath, play... and the cycle goes on and on..

I wished I have more time for myself sometimes. Nowadays I'm always clad in my PJs and spend all day taking care of Cayden.

Sometimes I felt like I'm losing myself, felt like I'm losing my sanity when he keep fussing.

But sometimes I'm enjoying motherhood to bits, especially when he's behaving well.

Cayden had been fighting sleep lately, and demand to feed like almost every hour. I guess it must be the gas in his tummy. I tried to drag the feeding time to 3 hours, which resulting in him crying out so badly. He's taking 4oz formula now. I stopped breastfeeding him 2 weeks back, which I'm sorta regretting already. Ah well, it's too late. He started with S26 formula but had hard poo-poo. We consulted the pediatrician, according to him S26 is more heaty and he recommended Snow. We switched to Anmum before giving Snow a try and apparently, the situation worsened. In the end, we switched to Snow and hello nice poo-poo!! ;)

I'm regretting for not keeping track of his development for the past one month. Been trying to adjust to new life and taking up the new responsibility. There are so much to blog, but I just couldn't find the time to.

Despise being dead tired - physically, mentally, emotionally.. I'm still glad that baby Cayden is here sharing my life.

Always my baby... ;)

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Hayley said...

Take it easy, you'll get used to it ^^

Baby Cayden loves to smile ya, cute~

Anonymous said...

should breast feed longer if it's possible :) mother's breast milk is always the best. once you give the child formula milk, there is no turning back to having them drink breast milk anymore.

your cute son looks like your husband btw :)