Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keep rolling.. U can do it!!

Cayden has been actively rolling over these days. Still struggling to get his hand out underneath though. We kinda stopped him from rolling sometimes cos he usually end up shouting and crying when he couldn't get his hand out. Yeah, we shouldn't stop him I know. It's the learning stage, but it's kinda frustrating sometimes when he keeps rolling, especially when I'm changing him!


Oh yes, that's cloth diaper, which I only managed to let him wear for once. I'm a bit lazy with the laundry part. Shall give another try..

Oh well, heard people say fat babies more difficult to roll because their tummy is too big?? Haha!

Look carefully at the last pic. He was happily playing with Winnie the Pooh puppet before he threw it at the side and decided to roll over. And Pooh got stuck underneath his bum bum!! It was a funny sight. I took out my camera and got a few shots (censored) before realizing Pooh was soaking wet. Cayden peed on him!

*sigh* #lifeasamom

Anyway, we finally opened junior savings account for Cayden under Maybank Yippie. Been wanting to get one for him since the day he was born. All his angpow money will goes into his future education fund. And by the way, it comes with a tiger mascot piggy bank. The mummy is not fascinated.

Will be going Batang Kali tomorrow for Chengbeng (hubby's side). Hopefully will be able to dropby KL for short shopping. And please pray the hotel that we're staying looks good - clean, at least??

Happy weekends!

2 loves:

Hayley said...

Cayden so big already! But still so cute!! ;)

Cayden also going chengbeng ar?

Take care and aunty miss you, Cayden! (Of course Cayden's mummy as well la ^^)

c r y s t said...

Time flies innit? Very soon u'll be carrying your prince in yr arms too!

Nope la, I stayed in hotel room with Cayden ;)