Friday, March 23, 2012

Preparation for solid!

I learnt about Beaba Babycook through a mummy blogger, Eve. I was attracted with the name BEABA first and it's the first time I heard about baby food processor. All these while I have the perception that all Asian babies should be fed with porridge??

When I was pregnant with Cayden, I started doing a lot of research about baby food. I came to know about other alternative like puree! Oh, I didn't know babies can be fed with fruits!

Anyway, after much research and much consideration for many many many months... I was torn between Beaba Babycook and Avent Combined Steamer & Blender. Beaba is a pricey gadget and it's top of the range. Avent is somewhat cheaper and still serve the same purpose I guess. I had been asking around and goggling for comparisons and finally last night I set up my mind.

I logged into The Baby Loft, the place I usually shop online for Cayden. And paid for BEABA!

Like, finally.

I hope I won't be regretting for this purchase in future. I'm glad that they're having promotion now. The Babycook is now priced at RM665.10 instead of the usual price RM739. And it comes with FREE Beaba Rice Cooker and weaning spoons!

And I also ordered Baby Cubes for storing puree and Bellamy's organic toothiepegs.

Can't wait for my order to arrive!

Anyway, Cayden has been making alot of funny noises these 2 days. He blabbers non-stop and yesterday he was testing out his vocals the entire day! He was experimenting with different pitch of shrieks, quite cute in an annoying way. Haha! Brought him for brunch and he was shrieking non-stop, the waitress stopped to have a look, Cayden was being his usual sociable self - smiling and cooing.

Pearly whites still not popping out yet, despite heavy drools, diarrhea and ear pulling. Doesn't matter. Solid in 2 weeks time!! Wheeee~!!!!

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