Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..~
(babyboy at 5 months 3 weeks & 3 days)


Went to Batang Kali (Kalumpang) over the weekends for Chengbeng. And nope, I did not visit the graveyard. Stayed in the hotel with Cayden. I stayed back in the hotel as well last year as I was preggy with Cayden ;) And oh by the way, only 2 budget hotels available there. We spent a night in Bunga Raya Hotel (such a name!). Well, I don't wanna comment much on the room.

Baby boy was so happy being carried by all the relatives! He was surrounded by relatives of all ages all the time. Everyone commented he's a happy boy, kept smiling and laughing. No stranger anxiety. Only thing is he would look for mummy when it's time to sleep.

Even Yuyu gor gor loves pinching his chubby cheeks! :)

Enjoyed being swing left and right by Chik Gong.

Daddy's boy!
I could still carry him all day despite his weight cos I'm a supermom! :)

Managed to shop for him when we drop by KL for a shopping marathon..

Note to Cayden:
When I put you to sleep this evening, you held mummy's face with both your hands and stared into my eyes for a while.Your little fingers then gently played with mummy's hair. I felt like falling in love over and over again..~ ;) ...before you started pulling mummy's hair again!

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Hayley said...

Cayden is no doubt a happy boy!

Take good care and hope to see you soon ;)
*hugs for Cayden*

c r y s t said...

He is! Sometimes he laughs too much according to my parents.. haha! U take care too and I can't wait to see yr prince :)