Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Missing the mood to update..

Been MIA for too long. Can't help it.

I'm enjoying every moment being a SAHM witnessing my little boy grow. He's 5 months and 4 days now, how time flies! I actually couldn't remember much on my labor already. ;)

I've been active in updating his personal blog but I just can't find the time and proper mood to update my own blog. I don't even have time to sleep and shit, how to maintain 2 blogs? Am considering to combine both, which means Being Cryst will slowly become a parenting blog. Oh well. Still being Cryst and it's a fact.

To combine or no? Tough decision.

Here's a picture of me and my boy, taken last month ;)


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Hayley said...

Combine la! ^^

Cayden is truly a happy boy! No wonder you're enjoying every moment ;)

Jean said...

Combine! Since u will nvr have the time to update both, it's best to keep 2 in 1 and update all sort of stuff! :)

hui chuin said...

We don't mind Being Cryst become a parenting blog! :D

LovingLivia said...

baby boy is big d!!! congrats cryst; you have surpassed the toughest days.. but more to come ..

Yes, agree to combine. 2 in 1 combo.

Keep it up!! Take care sweetie momma.

Esther Eh said...

sangat cute >< and still hving the same old feeling....i wanna bite him..hehe.... combine your blog, im sure it'll be interesting :)

Sukieyakie said...

combine lar.. not so tired and make ur reader enjoy reading the mother and son blog ^^

Anonymous said...

combine!If not then nothing to read in ur own blog liao..*yawn* blekkk..(kelly)

Anonymous said...

Hi can you share the other blog address that you had for cayden? I'm a new mummy too :)

c r y s t said...

thanks for the suggestion all, i've decided to combine. true enough, i have no time to manage both blogs and since my days revolving around cayden and only cayden.. might as well combine :)

anonymous March 23, 2012 2:01 PM:
will put a link to it once i update my new layout :)