Monday, April 23, 2012

He is 6 months and 2 weeks

Goodness me! Time flies and I'm such a bad blogger! Ever since I stopped blogging in Cayden's personal blog, I sorta lost that desire to blog daily. This is BAD.

Anyway, summary of what's been happening!

1) To date, Cayden has tried organic cereal (loves it!), sweet potato (loves it!), carrot (loves it!), pumpkin (loves it!), apple (showed yucky faces for 3 days and finally loving it on the 4th day!) and banana (yucky face for the first spoonful, but loves it after he sees me eating it!).  Need to give him something GREEN next!

2) He almost finished up his first pack of organic teething biscuit (Bellamy's). I usually give him during our brunch outside to settle him down. But most of the time he'll happily munching, licking, sucking on it just for a little while before it drops on the floor. So I've bought a cheaper Heinz teething biscuit for him.

3) He can finally sit unsupported now! For a long period before he decides that he's too tired and tumble over just like that!

4) He used to sleep through the night but not anymore! Wakes up almost every 3 hours now oh my I'm turning into a zombie soon! But he still sleeps at 8pm and rises up early around 730-8am.

5) He's trying to talk already!!!

6) Still happy as can be. He loves smiling and his PR damn good. Everywhere we go, he'll make friends with all aunties, uncles, korkor, cheche, kakak, abang, makcik, pakcik, etc... And most of them were surprised that he's just 6 months plus ;)

7) He's now wearing 9-12mo clothes, L-sized diapers.

8) He dislikes water and will attempt to throw the sippy cup/ bottle away each time I feed him. Sometimes I will spoonfeed him, he will happilly take a few sips before starting to fuss.

9) Ever since he started solid, he has bowel movement once every 2-3 days, unlike previously - once a day.

10) He will be under my mum's care for a week in May as the hubs and I will be going for a holiday in Melbourne. Wondering if we both can make it. Never been separated before for more than 15hrs since birth..

That's all I can think of for now! Will be going for a 2d1n trip to KL tomorrow.

3 loves:

Hayley said...

Going Melbourne? So nice~

Hmm, can I go visit Cayden when he's under your mum's care? Haha :P
But then, I'll be close to my EDD that time.. *nervous*

c r y s t said...

when exactly is yr EDD?? maybe by the time i'm back to pick up cayden i can visit yr baby already!!! muahahaha!!

Hayley said...

Cryst, my EDD is from 20th May on wards, within that few days la!