Sunday, April 29, 2012

KL again

We were in KL last Tuesday for a short trip. It was a last minute decision as I was desperate to get a jacket for my upcoming holiday and also need to get new clothes for Cayden as we have few weddings to attend.

As usual, Cayden being a good boy (most of the times). He slept the entire journey to KL :)

We went Pavilion right away upon reaching KL. We put Cayden on his Quinny Zapp for the first time and he was enjoying it.

Probably it was the first time we put him facing out rather than facing the 2 familiar and boring faces.

But frankly speaking, I still prefer to put him into Maxi Cosi cos it felt more comfy and secure. It's also higher and more reachable from my height. And of course, I still prefer him facing myself...

I shopped quite a lot for Cayden this trip but unfortunately upon reaching home and tried on him, most bottoms couldn't fit him :( He has big thighs and big bum bum. Planning to resell them FB rather than collect dust. Keep for baby no.2 you must be thinking. C'mon, don't kid me.

Purposely went to the food court for dinner cos I wanted to order porridge. As of late, Cayden is always making noise whenever we dine outside.

"Where is my foooooood???"
He wanted try whatever we're having. So most of the time I'll pack homemade puree into Foogo food container and feed him when we're having our meal. Sometimes I'll just give him teething biscuit. But I did not bring anything during the trip so I figure out that I just need to order something that Cayden can take.

Wanted plain porridge but they only have porridge with dried scallop (and of course added MSG). No choice but to feed Cayden with those. He loves it, obviously.

We took turn carrying him away from the dining table after that cos we didn't want to feed him too much outside food.

Of course, him crying and screaming when we took him away from FOOD. Damn drama.

We stayed over in my second sis's place. Cayden was having heaps of fun playing with his cousin brothers' toys and took back a few as souvenirs too, lol!

Again, I shopped for Cayden at my sis's place as she's also selling kids clothing as side business. Haih, MUST CONTROL! I sorta stopped shopping for myself but I keep buying for Cayden. When he outgrown most of his clothes, I'm secretly glad wtf.

During brunch the next day.

My little boss was too tired as he skipped his morning nap. Fell asleep when I carried him, with saliva dripping all on me...

Went to Gardens Mall where we tried Cayden with studio photoshoot at The Picture Company. I always wanted to try this studio ever since I was pregnant with Cayden but it was way too costly. When I went to enquire for their package this time, their prices still shock me but they are offering free portrait session. Which means I only decide whether to buy the package or not after the photo session.

Had about half an hour session with 3 different props.

The final result was ok, but not really up to my expectation. And furthermore it was just a fun photo session which I'm not expecting to pay thousand for it. Ended with just purchasing a single frame at RM 78.

I really wanted to arrange Cayden for a photoshoot session soon before he grows.. Time doesn't stop. He's growing really fast.

Back to Kuantan that evening with a whole lot of shopping bags. But still, I did not get any jacket *sigh*

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Hayley said...

Yea, I can see Cayden is growing fast! But still so cute!! And also growing more handsome each day, hehe ;)

Take care there~

TheMizzEve said...

so cute!!! love his new hair cut.. gotta bring my lil girl for her's soon too!!! BUT in KL i have no idea where to go. >.<

Btw, can you send me some baby shopping links? Gotta stock up on baby clothes for the next baby.. popping out soon.

c r y s t said...

eve: i usually buy from those online shops in FB. other than that you can checkout this site that i just discovered today! ;)

will update u more when i have the time! ;) smooth pregnancy dear!