Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life as it is

Cayden's vocab has widened so much this month. Words he's able to say include:

duck, frog, dog, cat, eye, hair, ear, mouth, cheek, no more, full full, eat eat eat!!, popo, milk, no no, put, take, pour, socks, 要,好,爬,and another word he's saying so frequently now is 'SIAO!' (as in crazy in hokkien.. -_-)

I've been busy preparing meals for him everyday. Bought a few cookbooks for toddler and currently looking for a good breadmaker and nice divided plate. Any recommendation? 

Been trying out different food combination, texture, flavor and so far I'm lucky enough that Cayden loves his food. Not that I'm a good cook, I'm just plain lucky that my boy is not a picky eater. However, I'm still trying to brush up my skill and learning new things everyday.

I've also just remembered that Beaba Babycook I purchased last time comes with a free rice cooker. Just digged out the babycook from storage and unfortunately the heating reservoir looked rusty. Tried soaking with white vinegar the other day and run a few full heating cycles. Guess I'll repeat the process a few more times, hopefully the rust will be all gone. But is it safe to use??

It's almost 1am now and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning for root canaling. Thinking of it sends shiver down my spine already. It's not painful at all, been there done that, but I still hate the feeling of having to visit a dentist. That explain why I did not complete my braces course during schooling time. And that also explain why I still have crooked teeth today. :(

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Anonymous said...

If the heating reservoir comes in contact with food, then better not use it if you still see a little rust.