Friday, March 29, 2013

"Mimi" at 17mo..

Too much happenings within these period I don't know where should I start with.

Oh, Cayden finally called me "Mi..miiii..." at 17 months old. And "Deh..deh" (daddy), "Tong..tong" (grandfather) and "Zor.." (great grandmother). And a whole list of new words...

Went back Taiping for about 2 weeks as I'll be going for a short 3d2n trip to Penang with my ex-collegues from the hotel. Cayden was under my mom's care and according to my mum, he was very well behaved when I wasn't around. Right after I got back, he started calling me "Mi..miiii" all the time. Haha! If I were to know the trick earlier, I would have planned for a trip earlier too! Probably I'm with him all the time, so there's no need to call me.

His separation anxiety peaks after I got back too. I couldn't even visit the loo without bringing him along. But he calls me all the time now so I guess it's kinda worth it? ;)

He threw a big tantrum yesterday morning for the very first time. He cried so badly, shouted and pushed his dad away. Made a huge fuss and didn't want to remove his clothes for shower. Couldn't even bribe him with his favorite snack. I kinda lost my temper too, shouted at him and hit his thigh. It didn't change a thing. Am not sure how long it lasted cos it felt like forever. It finally ended after I sweet talk to him, offered him a strawberry and the daddy prepared bubble bath for him. *sigh*

I wonder if now is the right time to start disciplining. Talked about it the other day with the hubby. Both the hubby and I has different style of disciplining. He thinks caning is the only solution where else I would prefer a time-out. Cayden is now in the phase of hitting everything coming his way, including me. Each time he hits, the hubby will hit back his hand. I don't quite agree with this. How would you expect him to stop hitting when the adults do it? Monkey see, monkey do. I usually hold him tight, look into his eyes and say "No hitting. It hurts.." I don't know which method works but hopefully with time, he'll get the right message.

Many says pregnancy sucks. Giving birth sucks. But I think disciplining sucks even more.

Aside from his temper, Cayden is still the happy baby. Everybody loves him. He says "Hi!" to everyone complete with hand gesture and a wide smile. He has no stranger anxiety. He attracts quite a lot of attention, which kinda worry me too. Cayden smile and laugh a lot, with no obvious reason.. haha!

To be continued..

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