Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One and a half year old

In just a blink of eye, my little boy is not so little anymore! Cayden just turned 18 months young few days ago! How time flies...

Lately he's able to communicate with us much better and can speak words with longer syllabus! eg: Bye bye mimi, elephant, bu yao dehdeh (don't want daddy! haha). He's definitely a chatty boy, and he has been calling "Mimi" so frequently and I'm loving it! Even the MIL commented Cayden relates everything to Mimi.. haha. For example when told his feet are dirty, he'll reply "Mimi..." - meaning Mimi will clean. When he picks up a strand of hair from the floor, he'll say "Hair hair... mimi.." - meaning Mommy's hair! LOL I told him once mommy don't have that much hair to lose, and he was like "Hair.. deh deh.."

He has been sleeping thru the night for 2 nights now. I guess my Innertalk CD finally work after 2 months. But also he has been dropping his 2.5 hours noon nap and it's taking a toll on me! I usually prepare his snack and dinner and steal some time on-lining when he sleeps. Let's see how things work next few days.

Tried Suavinex feeding bottle after seeing so much raves online but didn't like it much personally. Cayden is OK with it. It tends to leak a lot as compared to Avent. Luckily I bought only one to try. Btw, he's now taking 8oz Bellamy's formula milk. Switched to Bellamy's since about 2 months ago cos even the hubby commented Enfagrow taste really sweet. Bellamy's is not available in Kuantan thus I have to order it online.Usually got from Babydash and receive within 2 working days. Superb service! They even ring me up personally to enquire certain stuff and explain on their promotion and products.

Recently revamped Cayden's playroom - added study table and chair and also a playmat. Mad love!

Cayden develops the love for aeroplane and bus lately. Saw an aeroplane on sky the other day and from then on, he keeps mentioning  "Sit eh-plane!!". Cute dao... ^^ He refers to bus as 'Yoyo' as he's been watching "Tayo the little bus" on Disney Junior. Still yet to fully expose him to TV though. Only allow him to watch a lil' while when his cousin sis watches. Cayden loves Hi-5 a lot too, so as mommy :)

Will update with pic soon.

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