Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Classic tales

Scenario 1

Brought Cayden to Parkson's toy department one day and he suddenly came running towards me with this...

.... and shouted "BRA!!" o_O

There were other parents around. At that point of time, I just wanted to dig a hole and crawl in. But in the other hand, I was quite proud that my boy's vocabulary has widened tremendously these days! Haha!

Scenario 2

I was lying next to him on bed the night before Mother's Day, we usually chatted for a while before he dozed off. That particular night, our conversation as below:

Me: Darling, do you know tomorrow is Mother's Day?
Cayden: Know...
Me: Any surprise for mommy?
Cayden: (dengan selamba) Mei you wor... (none wor...)
Me: ............ Oh, usually Mother's Day is celebrated to honor all mothers and to thank them for their effort. You can prepare small gifts or even give mommy a big hug and kisses..
Cayden: hehehehehehee.....SIAO errr....

I don't know to laugh or cry... But anyhow, the next day:

My little boy looked so cute over here! HAHAHAHAHA....
And that night itself, the hubby got me another bunch of roses mix carnation.

Made Cayden a special Mother's Day bento set as well.

Scenario 3

Brought Cayden to Watson and he got all attention from the salesgirls there as he was busy helping me to carry the shopping basket and picking up things he likes and put into the basket as well. Yeah, the basket was almost full and he was struggling to carry it. During payment, Cayden said "Hi kakak!" to each of them and one of the salesgirl commented "Eh.. comel!". And Cayden repeated after her "COMEL!". They burst into laughter and told Cayden "You pun comel!"

                                                                    + + + + + +

Cayden is talking so much these days and widened his vocabularies a whole damn lot. He repeats after us when we speak. He can express himself quite well although he is not speaking in a proper sentence yet. I understand what he's trying to say most of the time. My mom was surprise to see both of us chatting away the other day.

Still a happy boy with funny antics most of the time. He has a thing for heavy vehicles and will keep naming "car - truck - motor - loyeeee (lorry) - yoyo (bus)". Will also categorize the songs he listens to: children song, oioi song (lullaby) and love song.

We're currently back in Taiping (again) and I will find time to update again soon (as usual!) :P

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