Tuesday, June 4, 2013

At almost 20 months old

Lately, Cayden has start using the word 'again'.

Grandma: Hachoooooo...~
Cayden: Ah ma hachoo..
Grandma: Hachoooooooooo....~
Cayden: Ah ma hachoo again!!

x x x x x x x x x

Went Tpg Sentral the other day and Cayden saw an Indian man with curved up mustache - similar to pic below.

He excitedly point, walked towards him and shouted "POTATO HEAD!"

I immediately picked him up and walked away quickly. I don't think that guy understand him cos his pronounciation wasn't that clear.. HAHA!

x x x x x x x x x

He develops a habit of saying 'bu yao mimi' (don't want mimi) each time I did not give in his request or raised up my voice, or just for fun of saying it.

Today, he kept wanting to stand on his high chair after meal despite numerous time of warning. I raised up my voice again and he said "BU YAO MIMI". I pushed his chair to the side and ignored him. Of course still eying to make sure he's safe. He slowly sat and blabbered, make funny noise, talked to himself while I carried on cleaning up the dining table, and ignoring him. He made funny faces and I still ignored. After a while he did realize I'm really upset and said "horr....mimi angry....horrrr...."

Quite funny. But I maintained my serious face. Haha!!

Before naptime, I gave him a good lecture on how his statements and behaviors upset me. And he suddenly gave me another shocking reply.

"Sorry mimi"

Awwww... he melts my heart. He is really growing up. But as expected, he forgot all about it after his nap and still 'bu yao mimi' for fun.. -_-"

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Hayley said...

Hi Cryst!!

Our boys are really growing huh? (Especially yours!)
Saw a video of him in FB, such big boy already, and can talk quite a lot already!

Let's arrange for a meet up some day k?

Hugs to Cayden!

kiM said...

super love cayden's story! please blog more!!!