Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Translator is awesome!!

I was reading back my earlier post in BM at home and the Google Toolbar suddenly popped up asking if I wanna translate the page to English. So I tried, and this was the result..

Lo and behold!!!

"Today I will try to write in Malay.

Yesterday I tergolek-doll top katilku, could not sleep, so expect the perginya knowledge of my BM that I have learned since kindergarten first. HAHA Suddenly feel geli back a little when I read the verse above .. I do not have long spoken language kebangsaanku .. * shame *

I still remember the class tusyen Datuk Ridzuan where I learn 'method of cut -cut 'and that contribute to performance SPMku, which is also quite good. But actually I think I will be A, haih .. that has passed, let go ..

Several months ago, I find that lamaku book essay terselit dicelah cupboards. I was surprised when I read back karanganku first. How good BMku first, a word used so sophisticated, it awesome once. Not like now, only a few paragraphs as I only have to take nyawaku, juice otakku almost dry ..

Has been almost 10 years of age I left school. But like only yesterday it passed. Everything is still fresh (fresh!) in otakku .. Therefore, I think the standard BMku now if still more good .. kan? ;)

OK, in conclusion, I will terminate the RD day here so far this only because I feel a little geli apabilaku read back verses above ... Hope all sisters and brothers will not be laughing because I knew Bahasaku better than you ...

Thank love."

Kaedah potong-potong.. method of cut cut!!! HAHAHAHA

I tried translating those comments you guys left and seriously I was laughing like an idiot alone in my room. HAHAHAHA!! Go try it yourself!

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Anggie's Journal said...

Just drop by to wish you & ur family
A prosperous and wonderful Chinese New Year!May good luck be with you all in the year of TIGER .Gong Xi Gong Xi !!!!!!

charles said...

hey cryst,..i gotta try this..btw..i intro myself as ipohahboy as i feared u might not knw which charles it is..hehehe