Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Random funny incident at work today. Was on the line with one of our partner and conversation as below:

Me: Can I get your name please?
Her: Anything...
Me: No, I mean, I need to know your name..
Her: Anything!
Me: (already pissed) Can you just let me know your nameeeee?????
Her: My name is Annie, surname is Ting.


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Hayley said...

Lol... my colleague has a funny incident too. people always mistaken his surname as YOU.

Caller: who's on the line?
my colleague: Yew here.
Caller: no i mean who are you?
My colleague: Yew here.
Caller: i mean what is your name??
My colleague: Mr YEW. Y-E-W..

haha :D

charles said...

my name is boy..Ah Boy..thats what my grandma and parents call me though i am way past 40! Anyway, you girls were great! At the very least, I get to say hi to you before leaving for Singapore..you still look tall, despite the heels! take care