Monday, April 5, 2010

Hi Ah Suay!! Long time no see! :D

It's true.. my old friend is finally BACK!

The bf's car rear mirror was smashed yesterday. We were having our brunch in Taipan, and obviously Taipan is a very happening place. And it happened on a broad daylight.

The bf actually placed his CD book at the back passenger seat and the CD book actually kinda thick and big, in fact from outside I guess it looked like laptop bag. Those idiots might have mistaken the CD book for laptop bag. The mirror was nicely and professionally smashed, the front passenger seat was lowered down, and all we guess they sorta climbed in the car through the broken mirror, ON BROAD DAYLIGHT.

Lost items:
1) Big CD book with hundreds of PIRATED CDs (LOL, idiot!)
2) Very old black and white Nokia hp probably worth 50 bucks?! (LOL, so damn stupid!!)
3) uhm... shaver wtf. (what were they thinking??? -_-)

All irrelavant stuffs. In fact, thank goodness the IC, driving license, credit cards, RM11 cash are still in car. I really don't understand what those morons were thinking.

Although nothing valueable being stolen, time and money wasted to replaced the mirror.

Malaysia sucks big time.

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charles said...

Hey Cryst, i guess those morons were not thinking at all :D
Since "M" sucks big time, then consider come down to "S". By then, don't have to miss C kopi O kaw kaw..:p..oops that reminds me to get my caffeine fix now..hehe

c r y s t said...

haha! Why your comment full of "M", "S", "C", "O"... Go "S" then no chance to drive, I love driving.. :P

charles said...

Cryst, you can still drive in Singapore. Go to any car dealers and ask for test drive. Lots of people do that :p

Just. Hangsing said...

That's why i'm out from it! Can't cope with all that misery