Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kena cut throat, but SHIOK also

Went for photo selection today. We reached the bridal house around 1130am, started browsing through pic around 1230pm and the entire session ended around 530pm GOSH!! We're both expecting like 2-3 hours maximum at first.

I love most of the pictures, especially outdoor shot. My photographer is awesome ;)

And guess what, we upgraded quite a lot of pics, album size, and softcopies..


.... and topped up RM 2800.

We're both shocked.

In fact, we were being offered a few option; option A - which was to top up additional RM 4500 WTFWTF which means it's actually much expensive than the original package that we signed up. We chose option B instead.

Oh well, I was actually trying my very best to psycho myself not to top up anything as I've heard stories from many friends regarding their pre-wedding packages, and oh well, I guess it's really easy to earn chabo's money -_-"

I'll be able to view the complete design by 22nd July. Can't wait! :D

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Hayley said...

Haha, same, i was expecting a maximum of 2 hours only but end up, photo selection occupied about 5-6 hours for us =_=
its like this, they'll tempt you to upgrade this and that and top up, me also like that.. but its worth la since its once in a lifetime and the results are good!

Anggie's Journal said...

haha ... is normal for u to top up la ... that how they earn ur $$ also mah :P If not top up, then not normal liau :P ... hihihi

huichuin said...

Cant wait for you to upload more pics after 22nd July :P

charles lim said...

sounded so familiar..:p our album is now gathering dust somewhere..haha..then again it's a lifetime memory

Esther said...

Its ok to top up i guess since this is only onced in a life time...:) can't wait to see da pics....

c r y s t said...

hayley: i guess it happens to almost all brides T_T if i add 1 pic they chrg me RM120, if i add more then 1 pic only cost RM70..what a tactic.. T_T

anggie: i shall be forwarding your reply to my future hubby, LOL to calm him down.. haha!

huichuin: i will only get my pics by end of sept dear! i'll only get to check on my album design in july ;)

charles: all married couples told me the same thing. it's either high up the cupboard or underneath the bed. C said usually it's in somewhere that couldn't be seen LOL

esther: i hope it's OK to splurge once in a lifetime, hor? T_T