Thursday, June 3, 2010

Which is home?

Ohayo!! I'm back in KL. And I desparately need to see some civilization T_T

I'm not insulting both Taiping and Kuantan, but seriously I NEED A BREAK. I need to see high rise towers, I need to see fashionable people, I need to drive 120km/h, I need bigger shopping complexes where I CAN actually SHOP, I need to dressup... oh God, I just need to move forward!!! Not backward!!


I felt like I'm so 'out' now... you tell me how la!

I've been travelling so frequently till the extend that my family members couldn't locate me. The past few days was insane. The boy and I had been travelling KL-Kuantan every alternate days due to the photoshoot, photo selection and work commitment (the boy). And now I'm finally back in KL and I'll be back Tpg this Saturday. Gonna be there for 2 weeks probably and then.. well... to be advised. -_-"

It's been almost 2 months since I quitted my job. Time flies. In fact, I felt like I just stopped working very recently. I'm enjoying my stress free days. I don't have to set alarm and I don't have to sleep on time. I don't have to worry what to wear tomorrow. It feels great :D But in the long run, I still think I'll prefer working. I need more human interaction. And I need to use my brain SERIOUSLY. The past few days I've been waiting at home for the boy to finish work and the feeling sucks big time. I feel damn tortured. I don't want to spend my days in future just waiting miserably. I need a life.

Ok, I'm complaining too much.

Anyway, for the upgrades of my pre-wedding photos, my mum gave quite a big respond :( But most friends think it's worth it since it's once in a lifetime. I myself feel bad for splurging too, but I really can't decide which photos to throw. :(

Below are what we upgraded:
1) additional 40 poses in big album (12x18)
2) 8x11 album upgrade to 12x18 album, which means I have 2 same sized albums now, one for indoor another for outdoor.
3) 30x45 frame upgrade to 24x50 (panorama frame with design)
4) CDR 100 poses upgrade to 177 poses + 10 mv

Besides, we had agreed to have our photos to be used as sample in their bridal house too. And in case you're wondering, they don't pay us a cent.
This will probably be the last photo that I'm posting. I will keep the rest till I get the actual softcopies from the bridal house, by end of Sept. I actually snapped quite a number of photos using my camera when they were unaware during the photo selection day :P

Will be meeting up my ex-collegues from Acer for lunch tomorrow. And my maid-of-honor, bridesmaids and chimuis for dinner to discuss on the attire! :D

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Anonymous said...

moi, u should have bring your thumb drive to save all the photos during photo selections, while they are attending other customer or 1 of you distract his attention, my sis-in-law did tht and so she can have back all the photos in softcopies..
but anyway, when u do decision ofcos u base on wat you feel is more important at THT MOMENT...don't have to think too fast such as will i regret? will i spend too much blar2222..1 thing for sure is money always can earn no woli lah..

Anonymous said...

btw you look great great great during photo shooting..can't wait for your photos..;)

charles lim said...

damned if you do..damned if you don't...decisions decisions..i was actually the time you are a Mrs (ahem) are you going to keep yourself sane in Kuantan? hmmm

Anonymous said...

I find you very cocky from the statement you wrote. Civilization only found in KL? Is this how you define civilization? Civilization is equal to fashionable people, big shopping malls and drive 120km/h?

You soon become a wife, please be grown-up la! You are already insulting your loved ones.

c r y s t said...

kelly: WOW! your SIL so cool! LOL i wonder how she did that! but I don't think I'll have chance to save all the softcopies, it'll definately takes forever -_-" btw thank u pretty mama ;)

charles: haha, i dunno... but i'll try.. occasional trip down kl will be good enough i guess ;)

anonymous: i'm so sorry if you feel offended by what i wrote. but i actually think i owe you no explanation, as my loved ones definately understand how i feel, at least im pretty sure they don't take my perception as an insult. nobody's right and nobody's wrong, probably both u and myself have different thinking. oh btw, i guess you define 'grown-up' as not having an identity? get a name! ;)

Anonymous said...

ofcos cryst u don't owe no name any explanation, its a personal blog, you are writing your own feelings to urself and ur friends who understand and cheerish the samethings as u do..and mr/ms no name putting comments on someone's blog while the blog owner doesn't even know who u r, or maybe u not even being invited to view the page..take it easy friend, like it and u continued enjoy the blog like wat we do, or leave the page if you don't like..simple onli..

Charles said...

Dear anonymous,

Fact 1: Cryst allowed your comment to be visible here, proving she is a grown up wtih her own perspective.

Fact 2: You being a "visitor" to Cryst's "house" and this remark of yours speak volumes of your own growing up, which I think, quite a handful.This is just as good as you invite a friend for dinner and he/she comments your cooking suck big time. How's that?