Thursday, August 12, 2010

DIY: Flower girl basket

What I used:
- small rattan basket RM 4.90 from local florist
- satin fabric (leftover from flower girl dress)
- satin ribbon RM 4 a roll, probably used only 1 metre
- feather RM 6 per metre, also from local florist
- UHU glue RM2.60

I've been searching everywhere for a nice small flower girl basket. Saw one from Lovely Lace around RM30 if I'm not mistaken, but I don't really fond of those laces they used. Been googling a lot too and saved lots of pictures. I was thinking of DIY since like forever but Cryst was just being Cryst, I just can't stop procrastinating till the very last minute.

So yesterday I finally decided to drop by Home Florist, a florist that I've been frequenting since secondary time.

Frankly, I was planning on a simple feather basket like this:
But I have no idea where to get these kinda feathers so in the end I gotta make do with whatever I can find.

After less than 20 minutes of cutting and sticking..

Please don't tell me it looked like chicken wtf. Am also thinking of sewing bell dangler at the centre of those ribbons. Or maybe some bling-bling like the sample above.

And in case you miss me..

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Kelly Low said...

no the basket doesn't look like chicken, it look like meow hahahhaa..

Esther said...

i like ur flower basket....very unique....:)

c r y s t said...

kelly: so is it a good thing arr? haha

esther: thanks darling :D i hope my niece will like it too!

Kelly Low said...

good lah, meow with meow, perfect matching!

Anggie's Journal said...

i think hor, urs creation is more nicer , serious la....:P i like it :P

c r y s t said...

kelly: hahahaha.. since when u knw im a cat!! T___T

anggie: awww... thank u!!! i'm blushing already... :D