Thursday, August 12, 2010

Streamyx I Love You!!

I'm back in Taiping now and guess what, I've finally installed Streamyx at home!!!! :D Went to apply on Monday and last night a guy called my house number, spoke in Hokkien (!!) and claimed he's from TM. OMG Taiping is fantastic!! TM staff speaking in Hokkien!!! LOL I mean, seriously, how often can you find a chinese dialect speaking staff working in big company like this?? And somemore he called at 8pm and told me he'll be coming over at NINE THIRTY!!! I was shocked and the only response I could give him was "HARRRrRrr..??? Kim meh arrrr???" (translate: "har? tonight arr??")

And guess what he replied.. -_-" He said it's 7th month now and he doesn't go out at night, else khua tiok kui (see ghost wtf)

Taiping is awesome.. -_-" I feel so at home now..

Anyway, I've been back since Sunday and my car overheat in the highway and the temperature went up to maximum when I drove up the hill near Ipoh. I had to stop and called PLUS Helpline for help T__T Luckily my mum was with me that time. Waited for almost half an hour and the conclusion? ..."Amoi.. cuba pandu balik dulu, Taiping dekat jer, takde bukit lagi.. jgn bimbang..." :( So I drove back, very slowly... Yesterday I sent my car over to the KIA service centre and within the next hour, they called and told me nothing is wrong with my car FML..


I had been searching everywhere for a good printing company that can offer a reasonable price and good quality for my KL invitation card. Found a shop in Summit and they quoted RM 2, checked out a few shops in Taiping and obviously, it's more expensive than the price I can get in KL. At this point, KL is awesome wtf. Fingers crossed I can finalize it soon and get it done asap. I don't like to drag things :(

What can you find from an old silverware shop like this?
All I can see from the pic is junks, junks and more junks!!
Slight bargaining and a sweet smile...
Got these for only RM 19!!! ;)

Taiping is awesome now.. need me to say more?

p/s: Do expect at least one post a day from now on!! :D Cos my internet connection is freaking awesome, just like in Acer... oh, how many times have I repeat the word AWESOME??

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