Friday, August 6, 2010

Wedding Favors

I've been searching high and low for a nice and not-too-pricey wedding favor. Browsed though many online bridal sites and those Westerners really have gorgeous and special favors for their guests. It did crossed my mind to DIY since I'm so damn free, but I'd been procrastinating and now, left 2 months till my wedding day!

The boy even suggested for a trip to China, as his friend bought cute favors for his wedding day and it's really cheap. But I'd prefer to get something nicer at slightly higher price here locally than having to fork out money for airfare, right?? And furthermore we gotta pay for the taxes.

I gotta admit there're so many suppliers nowadays that are selling China imported goodies online and after months of research, I think I've made up my mind..

This angelic favor with 2 chocolates attached will be given for my KL dinner. It cost RM2.80 each but since it's only small dinner catering for close friends and relatives, I guess it should be alright. I'm expecting a maximum of 150 guests for my KL dinner, you do the maths.

As for Kuantan side, I'll be getting this heart-shaped boxes with chocolates inside.
Priced at RM 1.20 for a set of 2 (bride and groom), I guess this should look ok for an estimation of 45 tables dinner. I'm thinking of replacing that goldish wire with gold ribbons instead.

Yet to place order cos I'm afraid I'll find something even nicer, and cheaper! But I guess I should make up my mind within these few days...

Both items from WeddingGift Shop.

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