Friday, October 1, 2010

My new place

Let's take a look at my new room in Kuantan!

In fact we did not do any research or whatsoever, just a quick decision that we need a new furniture set, wallpaper and carpet.

It has been set that last Friday (24th Sept) was a good day for room set up. So I went over a few days earlier to clean up the room, wipe off the dust and arrange my clothes (IMPORTANT!) before I put in all the wedding necessities.

I love the overall feel, except the colour of the painted walls are a little too yellowish for my liking. And fully carpeted room!! I love it to bits but I can so predict how difficult it's gonna be to maintain in future, especially if I'm keeping long hair. Daily vacuum is a must, that is why we're looking for a compact and good performance vacuum cleaner.
View from another angle.

And the utmost important thing - THE WARDROBE!!


OK-la... nothing much to shout about actually...
I gotta admit the wardrobe size is not as big as I'm expecting, in fact we're planning to get a smaller one earlier due to space constrain. Thank goodness that the salesgirl strongly recommended this unit for couple, otherwise I think I gotta pack my clothes in paper boxes fml.
It's quite difficult to look for clothes in the middle compartment, so I sacrificed myself and used it instead. The wardrobe comes in 3 big compartment and I occupied 2. It's normal for a girl to have more clothes, right? His mum came in and looked into my wardrobe in disbelieve, she commented I have lots of stuff as compared to her daughter. And later, she got to know that I still have 2 big boxes of clothes left downstairs. She didn't say anything, but I'm sure she's starting to judge her future daughter-in-law's spending habit, HAHAHAHA fml T_T I have part of my shoes collection left in the boy's car, yet to figure out where to place those. And yet, I still have like 10-20 pairs more in KL double fml.

My brother told my dad once, it's easy to make my in-laws faint.. just show them my shoes collection :(

You tell me how laaa.....

If I used to save all the money I spent shopping, I think I should be quite loaded by now :(
The vanity table. It sucks big time having to buy all BRAND NEW skin care and cosmetics for wedding!! I spent so much getting all new cosmetics and perfumes and in the end I decided to borrow some skin care from my mum -_-" I'm cheapskate like that. Gotta return back to her after my big day..
I placed all my costume jeweleries in the first drawer. Bought those small compartments from Ikea and it fits perfectly!
More jeweleries in the second drawer, all still in old boxes. I've yet to figure out the way to display them nicely.
Random stuffs in third drawer - old makeup tools, cosmetics, DIY stuffs, hair ties, assorted bra straps, scarfs, etc...
Collection of leggings and pantyhose in forth drawer. I used to wear pantyhose quite frequently in my previous job as it gets really cold in the office. Now I don't know where to wear these to :( And those fancy heart-prints, stripes, polka dots, diamonds and colourful leggings... I really don't know if I'll ever get the chance to wear them again T__T *heartache*

This will be MY side of drawers. Left 4 drawers on the right for the boy as he's sour that I occupied most of the space! LOL!!
TV rack with random stuff. The TV has not arrive yet, fingers crossed we'll get it before the big day. Placed some empty boxes to make the space doesn't look too empty, cos I still have lots of 'rubbish' to transport to my new place after the wedding. Photo frames, aromatherapy oil burner (which the boy doesn't quite fancy of), some random decor and wedding gifts by relatives and friends.
Dowry items that I purchased separately and packed myself.

More dowry items on the floor and wedding car plate.
New bed sheet which is a little too red. What to do, the elderly been commenting our room is too 'white' so I got a bloody red bed sheet to balance out everything. Never mind though, I think we can use this every CNY ;)

And oh, not to forget... the wedding photo that we rejected. More on that later!
A bride-to-be shall go to bed early...~

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