Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Pintu Sejuk' made a pregnant lady happier ;)

My ex-colleagues from Nikko came visiting 2 weeks ago. We booked a family suite in Swiss Garden for a night and spent the entire weekends yakking non-stop. It's an annually gathering (sort of) since everyone been busy with work. I love spending time with them! I seriously do! ;)
We had been calling our batch the Best In Town since year ago, sounds lame I know. I forgot how we started calling ourselves with this name but I just love it.. 'Cos no doubt we're the Best In Town!
Didn't manage to swim and play any watersports though cos they were holidaying with a pregnant lady, haha! I'm so sorry but I promise I'll repay whatever I owe you girls!!! :P We were trying to snap picture of our feet and obviously they were too clean. So we ended up stepping on each other to look more 'beachy'!
I know I don't look that pregnant here. Black does the trick ok! And yes, I'm wearing my shorts with the help of Belly Belt! When they first saw me they were like, "Hey?!! Where's your tummy??" LOL!!!
True Tan was there too, haha! Inside joke :P

We had our dinner in Chinese Restaurant in the hotel itself cos the Western food failed us in the afternoon. We had hi-tea and the foods were lousy, poor service and bad hygiene! Dinner was just ok but definitely much better than the hi-tea we had earlier on.

And spent good time camwhoring and gossiping in the hotel lobby after our dinner. We had a few passerby that helped us to take picture and the last good Samaritan was in fact an old Malay uncle who can't even hold my camera properly and struggle to look through his lenses. In the end, he took the best shot that night! Never judge a book by its cover ok!
Aunty Hernie bought these all the way from Singapore for bunny! Thank you Aunty Hernie!! ;) She's definitely the best girl to work with and I still miss working night shift with her ;)

Cecilia is a mighty little chilli padi. Weighing less than 30kgs (can you imagine that?!!), she had few tattoos on her back, I wonder how she survived the pain. And she is also the girl who helped me out a lot with my wedding dinner in Boulevard ;)

I joined Nikko with same time with sweet Sukie. We spend good quality times together back then but unfortunately she left shortly after. Oh well, she's also the one that sorta matchmake the hubby and I ;)
And this is crazy hot housewife Ami! LOL!!! Days will never be boring with her around! And she's also the one I keep in touch with the most after Nikko.
We spent most of our time in the hotel room chatting and updating our lives for the past one year. It's a special bond that we had and I'm truly blessed having a bunch of friends like these ;)

Love my dress and bag I got from previous trip in Bali! I should have bought more maxi dresses like this, it's so comfy to be worn during my pregnancy days!
We headed down to Kuantan town for lunch with the hubby. Yes, we used to be colleagues! ;)

They left by Cecilia's car later and from that very moment, I'm counting down the days till we meet again - during my bunny's fullmoon!!

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