Monday, May 30, 2011

Pregnancy: Babyplus Prenatal Education

I read about Babyplus through an online community and many commented it really works. Basically it's a 16 series of sounds that resembles mummy's heartbeat. It is recommended after the 18th weeks of pregnancy till due. The rhythm of the heartbeat increases as the level increases. It's being said that the baby will learn to differentiate between the sound from Babyplus and from the mother.

Thus, it's scientifically proven that Babyplus child is more calm, more alert and longer attention spans.

I'm now in the mid of Level 3. I started with Babyplus at 18th week. Each lesson lasted for 9 days, played it twice a day - morning and evening. Oh well, I hope it really works!
And by the way, I sorta 'feel' my bunny since last week. It feels like something fluttery inside. Some days I can feel it quite a few times, especially at night when I'm lying down. Some days I can't feel anything.

The other night I was focusing on my tummy once I feel the fluttery sensation and suddenly my tummy sorta moved a little, like something kicking from the inside. It happened 3 times. Too bad each time my tummy moved, the hubby looked away :( So I'm still not sure if it's really him or if it's just my imagination...

Guess what. I went over KL for the weekends to attend the hubby's friend's sister's wedding dinner. And managed to dropby Pavilion and 1U. Only grabbed two elastic shorts from Cotton On and another dress/ long top from F21 though. Seriously I'm doubting if I really turned over a new leaf! Haha!

Bought 2 rompers and a top for the bunny though :)
I think I shopped too much for him.. Did I? These are some of the collection I'm having with me in Kuantan. My mum bought back with her with a big pack of new clothes I bought during the previous KL trip and 2 big packs of hand-me-downs from my sisters for washing. My bunny gonna end up parading in new clothes every hour cos I bought mostly newborn clothing...

Oh God, is he gonna love me or hate me???
This is one of my favourite buys! Got it from an online store and the quality is good. It's from Adam's Baby. Most importantly, it's really worth it considering the price I paid.. haha! :)
Another favourite buys! Romper from Pumpkin Patch that I bought yesterday.

And checkout the graphics yo!
Bunny needs a hug! ;)

Oh, did I also mention both Dada and Ki are excited for bunny's arrival too???
They're fully dressed up now, just in case bunny doesn't like furry stuff!

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