Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mum-to-be and still Being Cryst!

I was browsing through pregnancy portraits online as I'm planning to have one when I'm about 7-8 months preggie. And it suddenly hit me hard - Gosh! I need to take some pics. Right NOW!!

Started off with kinda normal pic, had difficulties setting my tripod due to space constrain.

Yes, that's my belly button getting smaller and smaller and about to protrude! My tummy is about 34 inches now OMG OMG!! But yet, a lot of people commented my tummy looks small for a 5th month pregnancy -_-" Ah well, I don't really mind a bigger tummy and chubbier body as long as bunny is healthy ;)

Looks bigger from this angle yeah? ;)

Would be better if I have a plain background though..

Errr... some kinda... halfway done yoga pose? -_-"

And then... Dada wanted to join in the fun!
I really love this shot ;) ... cos cannot see my face...

With reference books that I'm currently reading... trying very hard to finish up before I due..

And here comes my Award Winning Shot!!
I took this myself can you believe it?? Muahahahaha!!!!!! *evil grin*

That's about 30% of the total pics I took. Perhaps I should just consider taking pics myself rather than getting a professional photographer. Can save money to buy milk... (still being Cryst ok!)

As of today, I'm 22 weeks 4 days pregnant and I'm enjoying every single moment of my pregnancy! ;)

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Anggie's Journal said...

very nice photos you have here ... make me miss my belly, yah ... should go for a pregnancy photo session when u abt 7 to 8 months.

take k ya .. :P

Nawihs Ng said...

Very cute tummy & sui mummy! :D

Aemy Shamy said...

Why is it me that being nervous now? Hehe. You're so beautiful, and nice shots! I wish a good health for you and your baby. ^^
By the way, I love all your posts and I've just followed you. I wish you can visit and follow me back. Cheers! :)

c r y s t said...

anggie: don't have to miss, you can experience that again if u want to! haha

nawihs: thank u love!

aemy: thanks for dropping by girl! ;)