Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pregnancy: Shy Bunny + Big Mummy!!

Went for checkup today. Bunny's at 23weeks and 4 days now. Last night he kept kicking my tummy and the sight of my tummy moving is no longer an illusion. I had a good chat with him, telling him that we're meeting up today so don't be shy, look at the screen and smile!

But, today during the scan, he had his face covered with his hands once again.. just like last month. Then Dr Goh suggested that he'll try to disturb him by pressing my tummy gently. Surprisingly, bunny did moved his hands away but had his face turned the other way round immediately! BOO!!

This is a shy bunny obviously... Oh, where is your camwhore genes??? Nevermind, mummy and daddy will be patient and we'll see you again next month, alright? ;)

And guess what! I've officially in the category of a fatso weighing 54.6kg!! First time in my life I have such an achievement and I'm shocked! My friend is my her 8th month now and she only gained 7kg. I'm yet to hit 6 month and already gaining 9.6kg?? Hello??? Bunny only weight 720gm.. that's less than a kilo. Does that mean I have almost 9 kilos of water retention in my body??

My weight is increasing extremely fast these few weeks and so is my belly, it's getting bigger and bigger each day. I can no longer fit into the baby tee that I just wore last week can you imagine that? According to Dr Goh, bunny's a big baby. Told my mum about it and she asked me to control my food intake. And this is the very first time in my life she told me to control eating.

Anyway, will be going back Taiping tomorrow for about 2 weeks. Oh god, how can I control my food intake then???

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Anonymous said...

Congratz to you!!! been long time didnt hear your updates.. and now you are mummy to be!!!

Since you like photography, may check out some other mummy did during pregnancy.

stay happy and healthy to mummy & the bunny

-ming wei-

c r y s t said...

hi dear, thanks for dropping by again! ya, it's been a long time really.. ;) and thanks for the link, love it!