Thursday, August 18, 2011

My LOVE HATE relationship with pregnancy

Updated: 26th Aug 2011

1. People always make way for me in every crowded place.

2. Strangers (especially mums) started chatting away with me about baby preparation, arrival, what to expect, etc..

3. I have to literally roll out of bed the mission impossible style.

4. I lie aimlessly on my bed trying so hard to sleep but got mad pissed at the hubby for snoring away next to me, out of anger, I woke him up just because... :)

5. When I accidentally dropped something on the floor, I actually questioned if I need to pick it up. If yes, I wish it'll just fly up.

6. Getting weird stares from strangers, especially older people, when I wore something tight.. they were showing that kinda are-u-trying-to-strangle-your-baby's look.

7. Went to public toilet and struggle to get in the small cubicle, getting down the squatting toilet seemed like heck, getting up seemed near to impossible and then struggle to open the door and tried not to knock on my belly when getting out.

8. When I just finish peeing and the next 5 minutes I have to go again!

9. I spend hours sitting in front of my wardrobe hoping for miracle to happen because nothing fits and I'm sick of wearing the same outfit over and over again.

10. I struggle just to put on my underwear...

11. Waking up at 3am and start looking for food in the kitchen like a rat.

12. I have every intention to clean up the house but just the thought of getting up makes me tired...

13. Watching birthing show from YouTube and cry like a baby everytime I see a baby born and hear that first cry.

14. I can no longer see my :) without mirror assistance.

15. When I was queuing for my turn to the changing room the SA actually asked if I need a sit.

16. When I went wet market, random people always asked me to watch my steps.

17. I struggle to take off my once-used-to-be-too-loose wedding ring due to water retention.

18. When I went shopping and looked at XS body fitting top which I assume I'll be able to wear after delivery, I get weird stares from strangers from head to toe :(

19. When I tried on high heels, I also get weird stares from the SA and I made myself silly by struggling to buckle up the straps.

20. Tiniest thing made me cry for no apparent reason but the very next minute i might be laughing myself silly for behaving this way.

21. Reaching to trim my toenail seemed like yoga act.

22. Went shopping and head straight to baby department, it makes me realize I no longer consider myself a priority.

23. I start to wear my trousers up over my belly button! High-waisted pants rocks yo! ;)

24. Went to salons for hair wash and ended up looking 10 years older.. most stylist trying to style my hair to suit my bump!

25. Having kids coming near me, kissing my babybump and asking if I'm keeping a baby inside.

26. Walking in the mall for less than half an hour is even more tiring than shopping in Bangkok the entire day!

-to be continued-

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nAwIhS said...

Hey banana, i extremely agreed with no.9. I spend hours sitting in front of my wardrobe hoping for miracle to happen because nothing fits and I'm sick of wearing the same outfit over and over again.

Waileng said...

Spot on sister! You spoke my heart. No.14 SO TRUE! (^_^)

Miss Lime said...

Ahaha. So cute... Especially the waking up the snoring hubby part... =) soon, you'll be writing about love hate relationship of motherhood... But i bet the love outweighs the hate hands down!

Brigette Liberty said...

Love these little personal observations :)

All the best with your pregnancy and do keep us interested baby factories informed.


c r y s t said...

nawihs: haha!! sometimes i wonder if i'm owning another lady's wardrobe..

waileng: isn't it sad?? LOL I hope i don't grow mushrooms there!

miss lime: hrm, too early to have a say on motherhood now.. but so far pregnancy has been quite kind to me! ;)

brigette liberty: thanks for dropping by sweetie! ;)