Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to get unpregnant??

Exactly 10 more days till I'm due.

Why time seemed to pass by so slowly??? Every pregnant friends around me have delivered. Most of them were early by 1 week, 2 weeks, and even 3 weeks... And I'm still very pregnant. It seemed like I've been pregnant forever!

I used to tell bunny to take his own sweet time.. but lately I'm starting to brainwash him to come early instead. I'm so tired of being pregnant. Lately I'm experiencing real stiff shoulders, till the extend that it's interrupting my sleep. The hubby had been giving me shoulder rub every night before bed but the discomfort is really unbearable.

There's shortages of water today in certain parts of Kuantan area, my area included. Such a good excuse to pay a visit to the hair salon! ;) Had a very relaxing hair wash session and had my shoulder massaged as well. Many commented that massage is not allowed during pregnancy. Some said it's fine after the first trimester. Some said it'll induce labor. But hey, that's what I wanted!!!!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting.. you're going to meet your lil bub really soon.. :) Wish you a safe and utmost memorable experience with the birth of your lil bub.


Waileng said...

I had a similar problem when I was almost due. My doc recommended me to sleep on the lazy man chair, also called recliner. I slept on it for the final week in the living room. Hubby felt so bad he slept on the floor next to me (^_^)

But I still didn't get much sleep because my bladder shrunk to the extend I have to wake up and go toilet EVERY HOUR!

nAwIhS said...

Syok lo!! Cant wait for your bunny to come out. Mine still long way to go. But I ady facing shoulder stiffness. Gambateh babeh!! ;)

c r y s t said...

themizzeve: thanks dear.. then i'll have a lot to learn from you hot mum ;)

waileng: LOL every hour u serious?? i tot me going 3-4 times a night is already bad enough!!

nawihs: time passes very fast and before u knw it, u r so so pregnant and then the time seems to stop there... LOL

Hayley said...

You've been thru these months and 9 days is 'sap sap sui' la...

Enjoy these days before your bunny say hello to the world!

c r y s t said...

9 months seemed to passby faster than 9 days... o_O

LovingLivia said...

Hi cryst,

I got to read up on your blog..
And well you really seemed like you are so so ready and you spent a lot of time doing so many things for your bunny. That's awesome!! I'm only starting to blog now.. a bit late now that i got to recap back all the moments.. wished i had more inspiration to blog from way before.. and love your studio pics for your pregnancy. I wished i had done that too. now too late again! hehehhe. thumbs up !! and awaiting anxiously to see how your bunny looks like!